Foundation Engineering is dedicated to giving your project a strong foundation, one that ensures your success as you build your business and reach your goals.

Whether you are an independent entrepreneur, small business or a mid-sized organization with more work than resources, you can trust your home-town experts at Foundation Engineering to propel your project from idea to production readiness. We understand what it takes to drive your concept to reality. We’ve done it before and stand ready to help you.

We are a small, agile company that can respond quickly and personally to your needs. Specializing in mobile apps, circuit board design and software development, you can count on our experience to realize your vision.


A great circuit board requires experience and attention to detail. Our layered years of experience will ensure that your requirements are met and the final product is easy to manufacture and test. From high-density, multi-layer boards to heavy-copper, high-current designs, let Foundation Engineering exceed your expectations.


We are fluent in many programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java and Assembly. With Foundation Engineering, you can expect ultra-efficient, low-level embedded firmware and extremely clean high-level applications. Stay connected with Bluetooth communication, wireless internet or wired Ethernet. Our source code is written by experienced professionals and meets our strict standards for testing, style and documentation.


Make sure your design is right before investing time and money on tooling. Foundation Engineering will create 3D models that allow you to visualize the final product.

Take the models to the next level and validate the fit, feel, and appearance with our high-quality SLA-based 3D printing services.


Nothing can replace a working prototype when presenting a product concept to your customers or stakeholders. Let our team  tie everything together with assembled and tested prototypes.

When your ready for the next step, we are experienced in sourcing parts and finding the perfect partner in a supplier or contract manufacturer. Leverage our expertise in both domestic and international manufacturing to ensure you find the quality and reliability you demand at the price you deserve.

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